April, 2018 - Adidas Tour360 Golf

Adidas asked Gate Reality to produce a mobile Augmented Reality piece to launch their Tour360 Golf Shoe and show off its unique elements. Going one step further, we suggested adding in a pioneering element to the app wherein we allowed a hi-resolution 3D model of a golfer to appear in the viewer’s environment.

Client: Adidas
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Software Packages: Unity, Maya (3D Modeling) 3DS MAX (Motion Graphics)

Director & Producer: Gate Reality, LLC
Collaborators: Silverspoon Animation/DEFORM

Creating a pioneering and informative Augmented Reality piece

Adidas gave us the go-ahead on this project just as Google launched ARCore, which matched Apple's ARKit capabilities. The timing couldn't have been more perfect as it allowed us to begin building an experience that seamlessly blended the digital and physical worlds.

In real terms, that meant we could provide a compelling app on both Android and IOS, allowing a very high resolution 3D Adidas shoe to appear in anyone's environment at life size scale and photo realistic quality.

Added to this, we used state of the art 3D motion graphics and 3D 'Exploded' Graphics to illustrate the shoe from all angles and highlight its new features.

Accomplishing this gave Adidas what they needed, but we wanted to offer a wow factor. We hit on the idea of a golfer appearing in the augmented environment, (on a mobile device in a living room, office or any other environment) taking a practice swing, and taking a golf shot.

To accomplish this we took a professional golfer to a top level 3D imaging hardware company and produced a 3D character scan. We then employed the very latest motion capture technology to make the golfer come to life and move about the space naturally.


The results were eerily real!

We asked PGA Professional Patrick Keenan to bring a ball or two along to the scanning and mocap studio in Brooklyn, He did not let us down, showing up in a truck with buckets of over 800 golf balls

- Dan
Dan Morrow is the Global Creative and Production Director at Gate Reality.


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