July 1st - 8th, 2017 Gumball 3000 Rally

360° Gumball 3000 Teaser

As Gumball 3000’s exclusive VR partner, we filmed a series of 360° videos of the 2017 race from Riga to Mykonos. We are excited to announce we will be partnering again with Gumball 3000 in 2018 for their 20th anniversary!

Client: Gumball 3000
Location: Riga, Warsaw, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Tirana, Athens, Myokonos
Shoot Equipment: Insta360Pro, 360Fly
Drone Footage: SkyEdge360 Drone 

Director & Producer: Gate Reality, LLC
Crew Members: Isaac Hoffstein, Danny Garcia, Hugo Bierschenk, Mike Kutchman
Sound Design: Look to Listen

Shooting the Gumball 3000 Rally was certainly the most exciting experience for Gate Reality so far - nine hectic days traveling through some of the finest cities in Europe: Riga, Warsaw, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Tirana, Athens, and Mykonos.  

The Gumball 3000 is an annual international celebrity motor rally that takes place on public roads. It was started in 1999 by Maximillion Cooper with the idea of combining cars, music, fashion, and entertainment.

The Gumball Rally motto is "Drive All Day, Party All Night!" As such, we had the logistically challenging task of documenting the whole experience, not just the race but also the nightlife. This meant a typical (hectic) day looked like this: Arrive at airport, search for missing luggage more often than not, check-in at hotel, rush to the checkpoint to film the drivers' arrival, return to the hotel to organize media, take a taxi to the nightclub, return to hotel and organize media again, sleep a bit (a very little bit), head to the airport for departure to the next city, and repeat x 9!  

We used the state-of-the-art Insta360Pro, filming in 6K for full post production and in 4K for posting to social media. The 360Fly also came in handy for the latter; sometimes we drove along with one hand out the window! We used drone footage with the SkyEdge 360 team, and recorded ambisonic audio courtesy of LooktoListen.   

Despite the lack of sleep and chaotic schedule, there was no lack of fun! We ate some of the finest foods Europe has to offer, attended a lunch pool party in Porto Montenegro, chatted with renowned rappers Eve and CeeLo Green, and experienced the DJ'ing of Afrojack!    

- Dan
Dan Morrow is the Global Creative and Production Director at Gate Reality. 

An Unfortunate Detour

The most memorable story was the layover in Moscow Airport on the way to our first destination in Latvia. What should have been a two hour connection eventually became twenty-seven hours due to two flight cancellations! Add this to the lack of anywhere to sleep except for these luxurious sleeping pods (see below) and it was far from the ideal beginning to an already challenging project. Finally, there were three days of lost luggage but that's for another blog post.