May 21st - June 29th, 2017 NTT Docomo Miyavi 360° Concert Series

360° Video of Miyavi: Studio Coast Concert

We livestreamed and film a 360º concert series presented and sponsored by NTT Docomo for Miyavi’s 15th anniversary. In preparation for the livestream, the team flew out to Tokyo, Japan and built the first ever bespoke 360º livestream rig with the ability to stitch “on the fly” and to alter the audio in relation to the viewer’s perspective. 

Client: NTT Docomo, Miyavi
Collaborators: Hot Zipang, Inc. 
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Shoot Equipment: Z-CAM S1 Pro x1, Z-CAM S1 x2


Director & Producer: Gate Reality, LLC
Editors: Isaac Hoffstein, Adrian Carey, Noah Wagner
Sound Design: Look to Listen
Other Notable People: Danny Garcia (First Live Studio)

Through our partners Hot Zipang, we were given the green light to livestream and record five separate Miyavi concerts in Tokyo for NTT Docomo, the top cellphone network provider in Japan. Miyavi is a big commercial rock recording artist who also played a role in Angelina Jolie’s film "Unbroken." 

This was an extremely challenging project for many reasons: the amount of bandwidth needed to livestream in 360º, the amount of cabling needed for some of the major music venues in Tokyo, and perhaps most importantly, the inherent stitching problems associated with multi-lens 360º cameras. Fortunately, we had already done extensive research into the best workflow for VR live streaming and were able to put this into practice and produce some excellent quality results. We used three 360º Z-cam camera units, Voysys stitching software, and about 5000 feet of fibre optic cabling!

The biggest obstacle we faced in Japan was the language. I remember being asked to host and present to a group of technicians and quickly became aware that they had absolutely no idea what I was saying. Equally, we were asked to sit in on the Docomo and Miyavi meeting with about fifty Japanese people present. All we could do was sit and smile politely as we wondered what they could possibly be saying.

The best part of the project was being in Japan for five weeks and getting to try the most amazing food and to experience the Japanese culture. I had to drag Alan (Gate Reality's Production Manager) to the airport on the last day and now, for some reason, he seems very keen to find some more Japanese clients!

- Dan
Dan Morrow is the Global Creative and Production Director at Gate Reality. 

Some extras!

We had one day of total downtime and decided to go to Hakone, a beautiful volcanic mountainous region about 90 minutes south of Tokyo. It was quite a unique travel experience. We took the train to a bus to a ship to a rope-car to a bus to a cable-car which got us back to the train again. Plus, even more photos from the trip! 

A bit of home away from home!